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• voice analysis

What is VoiLA?
Our Voice Analyse Application (VoiLA) is a speech classification tool, developed for analyzing and categorizing speech data with the help of a so called classifier according to different aspects including the gender, or the emotional state of the speaker. The classifiers are under development and therefore these results may not always be accurate. The success of these techniques depends highly on the quantity and quality of labelled data, since the created models learn to classify based on annotated data. In order to improve the classifiers, we do need your help! You can contribute to this scientific research, by listening to speech data and categorising it accordingly via our annotate feature integrated in iHEARu-PLAY.

What is iHEARu-PLAY?
iHEARu-PLAY is a crowdsourcing-based scientific game, where players listen to collections of short audio recordings, watch collections of video recordings or images and provide answers to multiple questions regarding the content of the samples. Further, players can perform prompted recording tasks for different topics. Depending on their own choices and those of other players, players are awarded with game points, can reach different experience levels and are ranked on the leaderboard accordingly. The annotated data will then be used to train our classifier via machine learning algorithms to automate a better recognition of certain criteria of new data files without human intervention. This allows us to deliver better results in VoiLA and enables us to provide new functions in the future.

Why this is important
iHEARu-PLAY is not only a great game, it also serves a great scientific value. Through your help with annotating data, scientists are able to develop and improve new machine learning algorithms. In the near future they might be able to detect brain diseases in early stages just by having a computer listening to your voice. If you want to be a part of it then feel free to help us out here.