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For everyone new to iHEARu-PLAY, we have put together five easy steps for you on how to best get started. If you have not already done so, please also check out the introductory video on the right for a quick tour of the game and website.

1. Register

If you liked the tutorial, we recommend you to create an iHEARu-PLAY account so that you will be able to enjoy all the other exciting features iHEARu-PLAY has to offer. Registered users can choose between different datasets to play, get promoted to higher ranks with exclusive abilities, may earn badges for special achievements, get their own spot on the leaderboard and many features more.

Registering is easy and only takes a minute. Click here to register by filling out the registration form. We are asking you to provide some basic personal information that will give us valuable insights when we later analyze the game results. Please take also the time to read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and check the corresponding box on the registration form. After submitting your registration, we will send you a confirmation e-mail to the address you specified. Please follow the instructions in the e-mail to fully activate your account.

2. Customize your profile

Now that you have created your own account it is a good idea to check and customize the settings in your user profile. You can always reach your profile page via the navigation bar at the top as long as you are logged into your account. We encourage you to personalise your profile with a custom profile image and a short description about you that other players will see when they visit your profile page. Note that this step is completely optional and you are free to skip this step if you prefer to not customize your profile any further.

Your profile also provides a number of additional options that you may like to check. If you do not like notifications relating to your achievements to appear in the public news ticker of the site you should uncheck the "Share activity" option.

3. How to play

iHEARu-PLAY is 100% free and runs fully in your web browser, this means no extra download or software installation is required. In fact, you do not even need to register for an account to give iHEARu-PLAY a try! Simply click on one of the buttons below to experience a trial version of iHEARu-PLAY that looks similarly to the full version, besides the missing features.

Try annotating! Try recording!

Go play as many rounds as you like and make yourself comfortable with our game concepts. Come back to this guide when you would like to learn more about the advanced features of iHEARu-PLAY.

3a. Annotation

The first option you have with iHEARu-PLAY is to collect as many user annotations of audio clips as possible in order to improve how machines recognize and understand speech. This means, your objective as a player in annotation will be to first listen to short audio clips and then answer various questions on what you heard. The annotation interface is deliberately kept very simple:

With the controls on the left you can start, stop and rewind the audio player and thereby listen to any clip as often as you like. The buttons in the center present different choices for how you might answer the question posed at the top. Depending on the type of question, you are either asked to decide for one single choice or multiple choices. Select the choices you think are correct and click the "Next button" on the right side to submit your answer and continue with the next question in the dataset.

After you have completed a question, we immediately give you feedback on how well your answer matched the choices of other players that worked on the same question and clip. In addition, you will be credited a certain number of game points based on how well you have been doing.

3b. Recording

The second option you have with iHEARu-PLAY is to collect as many audio clips spoken by users as possible in order to improve how machines recognize and understand speech. Your objective as a player in this task will be to record short audio clips with given prompts. As the annotation interface, the recording interface is deliberately kept simple as well:

First, choose a prompt you like to record below the main recording interface. The prompt will show up in the upper interface part. You can see the recording volume level in the middle of the interface. To start the recording of the prompt you can either hold down the 'R' button on your keyboard or click on the blue recording button on the left side of the main recording interface. When the recording begins the recording button will change to red. After you are done with your recording the interface will look like this:

Your recorded prompt is now visible as a waveform in the middle of the interface. You can listen to your recording clip as often as you like by clicking on the "play button" on the left. To discard your recorded clip select the "discard button". To upload the recorded audio clip click on the "upload button" on the right.

3c. Analyzing

The third option you have with iHEARu-PLAY is to use the insights we gained with the collected data to analyse your voice. Your objective as a player will be to record a short audio clips with given prompts. These will then be analysed and the results will be shown.

First you have to read and to agree our terms of service. After you have done that to can choose to donate your speech if you are not logged in otherwise your speech will be saved anyways. If you don't like that you can delete them afterwards. Than you are free to click the record-button and a prompt appears. You follow that prompt and after that hit the record button again. Your record will now be uploaded to our server and then analyzed.

The analysis of your voice is now visible as multitude of diagrams. Each of them is interactive, so if you feel like a result is absolutely off, you can adjust the values by clicking or dragging the diagrams. Please note that the data will be saved and might be used to further train our models.

If you are a registered user you can see all analysis you have done so far and delete or edit them individually.

4. Track your progress

iHEARu-PLAY offers several places where you can track your progress and know how well you are doing.

The Play page is the place to go if you like to check your progress on datasets you have begun working on or to get an overview on which datasets you have already completed or have yet to give a try.

Your profile page provides information about your current rank and the remaining number of points you need to get promoted as well as a list of all available badges waiting to get unlocked by you.

If you like to see how well you do compared to other players, check out the leaderboard. It provides a detailed overview over the stats of the best players on iHEARu-PLAY and is the place to go if you want to find out your own global position in the player community.

5. Have questions?

If you have got any questions or encounter any issues with the game or website, we may already have an answer for you on our FAQ page. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions and assist you with the game any time.